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Whats That Lyric From???

Whats That Lyric
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This is a Lyrics community challenge

A lyric (Partial or Whole Song) will be posted atleast 3-4 times a week.There are 3 posters, which means there may be up to 3 songs/lyrics a day, which make your points odds alot better. You have a day and half (Basically)
to submit your thoughts on what the A.) Song title and B.)Artist are.
points will accumulate and the one that gets the most by the end of that week will get an icon/glitter name or something more nifty as thier prize.

1.) One vote per person (one artist, one title)
2.)No cheating
3.)Reply to the post to submit your choice, all comments will be screened
4.)Any one may join
5.)I will promote a community of yours, just kindly ask me.And not in excess
6.)Have fun
7.) I will take suggestions of Musicians NOT a certain song...
8.) Challenge will begin once we get 5 members WILLING TO BE ACTIVE
9.) 3 Persons will have posting access astrophunk311 ||| xlustlostlovex ||| willnotbeshaken
10.) The answer will be posted along with the results that you chose.

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